Meet the Midwives

Nichole Feinauer, CPM, LM
Nichole Feinauer began her journey to Midwifery in 2001. She started on her path as a DONA certified birth doula attending both hospital and home births in Georgia. She also worked as a Lamaze certified childbirth educator at a pregnancy resource center. In 2004, Nichole founded the Georgia Birth Network, a resource for both families and birth professionals.

Nichole assisted at her first home birth as an apprentice during the Summer of 2007. She quickly realized this is what she was meant to do. While continuing to have children, teach classes & lead a growing birth network, the progress through Midwifery training often took a backseat. In 2017 Nichole and her family relocated to central Virginia where she found her place in a local birth center.
While there she attended births at both the freestanding birth center & at home and was able to complete her Midwifery training.

She then moved to Tennessee in May of 2019 to establish a Midwifery practice and continue raising her family. This was short lived as she knew her family belonged back in VA. She returned to VA in early 2022 and maintains a midwifery license in both VA and TN.

Nichole has been married to Scott for 24 years. Together they have 10 children, 7 of which were home water births. Additionally, she has personal experience with fertility issues including MTHFR, recurrent loss, and has had a baby in the NICU.

Nichole’s varied personal experiences, her extensive apprenticeship & the managing of her own businesses have given her many opportunities to increase her knowledge base.
Nichole Feinauer, CPM, LM
Elizabeth Moore, CPM, LM
My path to Traditional Community Midwifery began in 1981. My eldest of five daughters was born in a small Pennsylvania hospital with a nurse-midwife. It was a reasonable birth experience, although I was confined to my bed, and accepted IV pain meds. My biggest concern was my daughter being kept in the nursery at night; I was determined to breastfeed, and felt this was an impediment. My next 3 daughters were born at home with the help of a nurse-midwife. 

My fifth pregnancy, in 1989, was during a time when things in Obstetrics were changing. I always birthed past 42 weeks, and this was now an issue. At a Le Leche League meeting I got the name of a midwife practicing traditionally, but illegally, as no licensing existed for traditional midwives. Traveling from Woodbridge to Sperryville was sometimes difficult, but the care and wisdom that I received from Cynthia was amazing. My last birth was beautiful and family-centered, and I knew I was destined to be a midwife.
Soon after, I began an apprenticeship with this very experienced provider. I was able to see breech, twin, VBAC and many other types of birth, and learned skills and tools. The thing I did not learn was fear, and I think this is crucial; to be respectful and knowledgeable about physiologic birth, but to not let fear lead.

Sadly, my husband died and I was left to care for my five daughters. A job that could possibly land me in jail seemed unwise (illegal midwifery), so I had to take a step back from midwifery. As my daughters grew older, I looked into practicing again. CPMs were now legal in VA. I could go back to school and get my credential and license. My mentor was now living in Wisconsin, where Southwest Wisconsin Technical College had a degree program. I was able to get my degree and work with a wonderful population that included many Amish families, and learned so much from them.

Early 2017, I returned to Virginia, where my daughters and grandchildren live. I was fortunate to meet Dr Sarita Bennett, one of the few physicians that practice traditionally. I worked with her at her birth center and midwifery school. I learned even more. I met Nichole near the end of her midwifery education, and enjoyed working with her as well. I am blessed to be able to work with Nichole at The Nest, and look forward to being taught by our greatest teachers–the birthing families we serve.
Elizabeth Moore, CPM,LM
Jackie Fincham, Birth Assistant
Hello, my name is Jackie Fincham. I am a mom to four, 2 boys, and 2 girls. All of my births were unmedicated, and the most beautiful experience ever. My nursing career started in 2008. I have practiced several aspects of nursing. My heart has always been most content helping others and truly getting to know all of my clients on a personal level. This model of care has allowed me to do just that. In my free time, I enjoy thrifting, then refinishing those pieces of furniture into my own art. I also enjoy, reading, walking, all things nature related, and most importantly spending time with my children. We all know they grow way too fast. I was born and raised in Madison and truly love my hometown.
Jackie Fincham
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