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We provide comprehensive, holistic care during pregnancy, birth & postpartum in North Central Virginia. Our practice offers birth house & home birth options to local families. The Nest is located in beautiful Madison, Virginia less than 30 miles from Charlottesville and 20 miles from Culpeper.
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Midwifery Care
Our licensed midwives provide full scope
midwifery care through ...
Childbirth Classes
The Nest offers childbirth education
classes for the community ...
Placenta Encapsulation
Placenta encapsulation has several
potential benefits. It may decrease ...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What makes The Nest different?

Our midwives are CPMs (Certified Professional Midwives) and licensed to practice in Virginia. Each midwife is as individual and unique as their own personality. We all bring our personal experiences and training to our practices. As midwives that practice exclusively out of the hospital, our training and expertise varies from those that practice in that environment. We are able to offer longer prenatal appointments, individualized care during pregnancy, one on one support in labor & multiple postpartum visits with breastfeeding support.

Q2: When should I start interviewing midwives?

We recommend interviewing midwives as soon as you become pregnant or while trying to conceive. Making that decision early in pregnancy allows you more time to get to know your midwives and allows you to receive more complete care. We can begin by discussing how to cope with or alleviate symptoms in early pregnancy, review which supplements and medications you are taking, and be a source of support and information

Q3: Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not cover out of hospital birth with a CPM. We do work with the Christian Healthshare and health savings accounts. We are happy to provide you with a payment plan and a superbill at the end of care that you may present to your insurance carrier for reimbursement.

Birth Stories

The next couple of hours were just a blur. Contractions got so fast and so hard that I was hardly getting a break in between them and I did not have the control over myself that I’d had the first time. Truth was I was mostly just floating there, expressing how miserable I was. I guess in the end I’m glad I didn’t get the birth videography I’d so wanted! I had been much more quiet during my labor with Starr, and at the time it was hard to accept that this time was going to be that different. But I accept both versions of my birthing self with love and admiration today.
Baby M
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