Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What makes The Nest different?

Our midwives are CPMs (Certified Professional Midwives) and licensed to practice in Virginia. Each midwife is as individual and unique as their own personality. We all bring our personal experiences and training to our practices. As midwives that practice exclusively out of the hospital, our training and expertise varies from those that practice in that environment. We are able to offer longer prenatal appointments, individualized care during pregnancy, one on one support in labor & multiple postpartum visits with breastfeeding support.

Q2: Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not cover out of hospital birth with a CPM. We do work with the Christian Healthshare and health savings accounts. We are happy to provide you with a payment plan and a superbill at the end of care that you may present to your insurance carrier for reimbursement.

Q3: Do you offer water birth?

We love water birth and are happy to offer this option for families. Babies born in water tend to transition really well. Many don’t cry, but look around wide eyed. They have gone from one warm, water environment to another which can be a little less startling.

Each of our birth suites includes a large inflatable pool that can be used for labor support and birth. Laboring in water often aids in relaxation and offers some pain relief. The water also makes it easier for clients to change position as they tend to feel lighter in the pool. The pools have high sides that surround the mom allowing her some additional privacy. The bottom of each pool also inflates for extra comfort.
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