Midwifery Care

Our licensed midwives provide full scope midwifery care through pregnancy,
birth, and 6 weeks postpartum. The Nest offers appointments in our office
and attends births at the birth house & in client’s homes.

Each appointment is approximately 1 hour in length to make sure that we
form a solid relationship before birth, and to give you the opportunity to get
answers to all of your pregnancy and birth related questions. In addition to
the clinical parts of care like blood pressure and listening to fetal heart tones,
we discuss nutrition, stress, relationships, and parenting. We also help you
build a plan for pregnancy and postpartum support to increase your chances
of having a positive experience.

The Typical Prenatal Schedule is

Once a month until 28
Every two weeks until
36 weeks
Weekly until birth
We are able to draw and order lab work, as well as order ultrasounds.
Our Nest midwives go on call 24/7 for clients at 37 weeks, attend the labor and birth, and immediate postpartum. We then
schedule multiple visits in the postpartum period.

24 - 48 hours 3 days 1-2 weeks 2-3 weeks 3-4 weeks 6 weeks

These visits are usually about an hour in
length as we are trained to care for the mother and
newborn through 6 weeks. During postpartum
visits we weigh the baby, do vitals on mom
/ baby, and discuss breastfeeding.
Mon - Fri 10:00am to 4:00pm - Sat, Sun Closed

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